Burn Permits in West Tisbury: you may now apply online!

 West Tisbury does permit Open Burning but you must get a permit from the Fire Chief.  Permits are issued for Day of Burning only.  January 15,2024 – May 1st

Before you can Burn for the first time come January 15, 2024, Applicants must first come to the Public safety Building/ Fire Station #2, 454 State Road, ( Chief’s Office) and sign / receive a pamphlet regarding “Safety Tips & Rules for Open Burning Season”.

Applicants can do so at any time, They do not have to wait until January to do this.

You may now apply for a burn permit online once you have registered with the chief: https://permiteyes.us/westtisbury/burningpublichome.php

This is a link to step-by -step instructions to register and obtain your permit online -Here

For more info: http://www.mass.gov/doc/open-burning-safety/download