Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Committee helps develop and administer projects funded with Community Preservation Act monies; it encourages participation from interested community members.


The Community Preservation Committee meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 5:30 pm in Howes House, and welcomes preliminary discussions of innovative projects. Background information on the Community Preservation Act and details on how to submit applications for funding are available at this website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your questions are not answered by the various CPC links, please email Heidi Dietterich, the Administrative Assistant. or leave a phone message at (508) 696-0100 ext. 120.

The Community Preservation Committee is seeking applications for funding for 2020 projects.

Deadline for Applications for Eligibility for 2020 projects is Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 12:00 noon.

Please email any questions to Heidi Dietterich at

The following projects were approved for CPA funding at the 2019 Annual Town Meeting.

  • Mill Brook Watershed Management Plan: $40,000 to bring to fruition and establish a permanent management plan toward the historic, recreational, economic and ecological values of the Mill Brook watershed.
  • West Tisbury Congregational Church Accessibility Plan: $45,000 to improve code compliant accessibility and commercial kitchen facilities for the services this historic church building provides to the Island community.
  • Aidylberg III: $75,000 to build a five unit apartment building at Aidylberg Village to serve low and moderate income housing for Island elderly and veteran's groups.
  • Harbor Homes - Homeless Prevention: $43,000 to assist in purchasing and developing a five plus bedroom residential property for homeless residents.
  • Dukes County Rental Subsidies: $98,000 to support the DCRHA rental subsidies program.
  • Maley/Field Gallery Landscape Project: $30,000 toward creating accessible, usable and available public recreation space between the library and the Maley/Field Gallery.
  • Scott's Grove:  $61,655 to pay down principal on the borrowing for the Scott's Grove Affordable Housing project.

A summary of all West Tisbury projects supported by Community Preservation funds is available at the tab at the top of this page called CPA Funded Projects, 2007-2019.

The Chairmanship rotates periodically.

Committee Members

Nancy Dole

Historic District Commission

Lesley Eaton

At Large

Cheryl Lowe

Parks & Recreation

Bea Phear

Planning Board

John Brannen

Conservation Commission

Ted Jochsberger


John Rau

At Large

Jefrey Dubard

Affordable Housing

Gary Montrowl

Finance Committee