Covid Test Kits: click here for important information and distribution schedule

 update: January 18, 2022   ****COVID FREE HOME TEST KIT DISTRIBUTION UPDATE****

Please continue checking this website and/or look for announcements in the Gazette or Times to see the date and times of the next Kit distribution.

For your convenience please understand that there will be an abundance of kits and you will be able to get them from distribution locations other than the Town Hall during normal work hours.  This information will be provided to you in the updates as well.

Regardless of where you choose to pick up your kits you will need the card that your participating family was previously issued in order to be given your allotment of kits for the announced period.

*NEW*  The Biden Administration has made free at-home COVID-19 rapid tests available to all residents through a new web-based ordering platform. Each household is entitled to 4 testing kits through this program. These rapid antigen at-home tests can be ordered from the U.S. Post Office at COVID Home Tests | USPS.

You can learn more about this federal program at: - Free at-home COVID-19 tests.

What You Need to Know to Receive an At-Home Test Kits

  • Practice safety when picking up test.  Mask up, social distance and limit conversation with those distributing. Do not crowd distribution spaces !!!!!
  • I.D will be required proving West Tisbury residencyA utility bill alone will not be sufficient.
  • We will be filling out distribution cards for future kits. To receive kit(s) in the future you will need to have a Distribution Card on your person
  • Cards can only be used once per cycle (A cycle begins with a media announcement/Town website posting and should occur roughly every 7-10 days)
  • Your name will be entered in a database to monitor quantity received in a cycle
  • You will receive 1 kit per household member.
  • It is important that you understand more test are scheduled to be received…be considerate
  • Please direct your questions/concerns to your Board of Health not the Distributors


How to sign up for E alerts when more tests come in - click here