Remote Meeting Mandate by the Board of Health

In Effective 12:01 am, August 14th, 2021
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Covid-19 Public Health Mandate of the West Tisbury Board of Health

Notice is hereby given that on August 13th, 2021 the West Tisbury Board of Health adopted the following emergency regulation under the provision of MGL Chapter 111, § 31

Based upon review of current Covid-19 caseload levels in Dukes County the Board of Health held a meeting on August 13th 2021 pursuant to M.G.L Chapter 111 sections 31 and 104 to adopt a public health mandate, adopting a remote meeting mandate in the Town of West Tisbury.

Effective on 12:01 am August 14th, 2021 remote meetings will be required for all public meetings or meetings involving town personnel held in the Town of West Tisbury. Exemptions will be made for meetings previously scheduled.

This mandate will be in effect until the West Tisbury Board of Health deems the level of transmission has decreased to safer levels.


Date: August 13, 2021                                                            _____Tim Barnett­­­_____________


                                                                                    Title: Chair, West Tisbury Board of Health