Climate Advisory Committee

The new West Tisbury Climate Advisory Committee was formed to serve as an advisory group to the Town to help prepare for, adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change. 

Tasks include

  • laying out a Town action plan, building on the existing Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) plan*, to respond to the impacts of climate change on all three of these levels for approval by the Selectmen;
  • laying out a structure for how the Town’s staff and Boards can respond to climate change;
  • educating ourselves as to what is currently going on in other towns with regard to climate-related work;
  • serving as a liaison between our group and the Town Boards;
  • following through and keeping track of projects underway by each Board;
  • working together on possible grant opportunities and other ways to finance this work for the Town.

Staff Contacts

Committee Members

Name Title
Kate Warner Chair
Sue Hruby Energy Committee Rep.
Russell Hartenstine Emergency Manager
Virgina Jones Planning Board Rep.
Faren Worthington At Large
Donna Paulnock Conservation Commission Rep.
Robert Hauck Library Trustees Rep.
Garrison Vieira Police Department Rep.