Yard Sales, Permits and Fines

No person shall have a yard sale (tag sale, garage sale, etc.) without a permit issued seven (7) calendar days prior to the date of the sale. Said permit shall be issued by the Selectmen's Office and the Police Department. Items that will be considered, but not limited to, when issuing a permit:

  1. Adequate parking
  2. Traffic and pedestrian safety 
  3. Safe entry and exit to and from the site
  4. Traffic control
  5. Hours of operation

No person or site shall be issued more than five (5) permits per year. No more than four (4) signs shall be placed advertising the sale. Signs shall not be put up more than 48 hours prior to the start of the sale. Signs, including staples, nails, etc. shall be removed by 7:00 p.m. on the date of the sale.

The Board of Selectmen shall establish the fee schedule for the permit.  The owner or the person renting the property shall be responsible for obtaining the permit and abiding by this by-law.

Whoever violates this by-law shall be punished by a fine of $25.00 for the first offense and $100.00 for the second and subsequent offenses.