A reminder about Map & Lot sign requirements

Map and Lot Sign Numbers

Annual town meeting April 14, 2015


To see if the Town will vote to replace this bylaw:
MAP AND LOT SIGN NUMBERS: To see if the Town will vote to require property owners to identify the location of buildings by having a sign at the entrance to driveways giving the assessors Map and Lot numbers for that property. The sign shall have letters and numbers that are at least 2 inches high and shall be placed in a location that is easily visible from the entrance to the property.

With this bylaw:
Every building in the Town of West Tisbury, including, but not limited to, dwellings, apartments, condominiums and business establishments shall have affixed thereto a number representing the address of such building. Said number shall be of a nature and size and shall be situated on the building so that, to the extent practicable, it is visible from the nearest street or road providing vehicular access to such building. Where access is by means of a private road or extended driveway and the address cannot be viewed from the public way, a monument, pole or other sign or means shall be used to identify the structure in addition to the address posted on the building. In addition to the address number, the map and lot numbers may also be displayed, however they are not required.
Subject to enforcement by Zoning Inspector, Fire Chief or Police.

1st Offense -- Warning
2nd Offense -- $50
3rd & Subsequent -- $100

PASSED as amended; “Every lot in the town of West Tisbury, with buildings,… representing the address of such lot.” “…or other sign or means shall be used to clearly identify the structure.”