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Town of West Tisbury

Community Preservation Act

Application Process

The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) looks forward to working with members of the town and island community in the development of projects -- small and large -- to enhance our town with CPA funds. If you have a project idea, be sure to inform yourself about the legal requirements as well as the inspiring possibilities of the CPA by visiting On this website, the documents "Potential Uses of CPA Funds" and "Community Preservation Fund, Budgeting and Finance Issues" are especially useful. Also, be sure to read the Community Preservation Plan. Printed information is also available in the CPC file at the Town Hall.

  1. Application for Eligibility. This initial document will introduce your proposal to the Committee so that it can determine the project's eligibility and offer guidance. The CPC meets regularly on the third Wednesday of each month at the Howes House. Applications must be submitted by the second Friday of each month for consideration at the regular monthly meeting. The Committee may request that you present your idea at a meeting. These deadlines may be waived if an unexpected opportunity arises with a narrow time window for closure.

Deadline: Submit anytime, but as soon as possible, and by Friday, September 29th, 2017 for consideration at the April Town Meeting.

  1. Application for Funding. If the Committee agrees that your proposal is eligible, complete the application for funding as soon as possible. The Committee will review both the application for eligibility and the application for funding according to these guidelines. Please use the Regional Projects Application for Funding if the application involves requests to the other 5 Island towns as well.

Deadline: Friday, October 27, 2017 for consideration at the April Town Meeting.

  1. Review process. The Committee will review all applications and schedule hearings beginning in November to discuss each proposal publicly with applicants. These discussions may lead to the need for proposal revisions. The CPC must vote to recommend proposals before they can be placed on the warrant. For the April Town Meeting, the CPC anticipates that the vote to recommend will be taken at the Committee's meeting on the fourth Wednesday in January.

  1. Town Meeting approval. Each project must be approved at a Town Meeting. The Meeting can approve, reduce or reject recommended amounts for a project, by majority vote.

  1. Project Implementation. Funds for approved projects will be available following Town Meeting, subject to the satisfaction of any conditions or procedures established by the Committee.

  2. Requesting Payment.  Invoices for work completed or for funds allocated to grantees on pproved projects should be submitted to the CPC together with a Project Status Report prepared according to Request for Funds -- Guidelines.

Application timeline for applicants seeking recommendation for the April Town Meeting warrant:

Other timelines may be created in order to bring proposals to a Special Town Meeting. The Committee encourages the year-round submission of Applications for Eligibility. Questions? Contact us.